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Puzzle games - Friv Crazy Games

Mahjong Connect

Finish each Mahjong challenge before time runs out.

Word Bird

Find all the words on the board in Word Bird!

The Daily Sudoku 2

The second episode of The Daily Sudoku. Enjoy more Sudoku challenges on a daily basis.

Calming Lia

Calming Lia is a superb match-3 game with awesome graphics. The game tells a story about Lia and her teddy bear, Bao. You need to work together to save the dream by completing various objectives and beating the shadowy monsters. Try to beat all the levels perfectly and let Lia have a safe dream. Have fun!

Incremental Memory

Incremental Memory is a game about memorizing and choosing the correct tiles. You also have upgrade options that can help in the game.

Let's Draw It

Let's Draw It is a multiplayer online drawing game. Players choose the word together and then draw it and rate the other players. The player with the best drawing wins!

Text Twist 2

Text Twist 2 - the awesome word game. Text Twist 2 is a word game that tests your grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills in a unique, fun and challenging way. The gameplay is the same as in Text Twist: Click on letters in a specific order to form words as you try to fill out the grid.

Tiles of the Unexpected

In Tiles of the Unexpected, your mission is to clear all the tiles. Click on the matching tiles that are adjacent to each other, and remember that there are 2 layers!

Snail Bob 7

Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story is the newest installment in the Snail Bob series. Bob read too many fairy tales and now he can't stop thinking about dragons and wizards... Can you complete all 90 (!) levels? UPDATE: Snail Bob 8 is now available as well, check it out!

Monkey GO Happy: Stage 341

Help our sad monkey uncover the hidden secret of the ancient treasure.


Unpuzzle is a challenging puzzle game with a unique concept – you must reverse the puzzle and remove the pieces in order to leave only a blank space. Basically you work backwards and instead of adding the pieces in, you remove them one by one. You can only remove the pieces in a certain order and you must work out the pattern to complete the level. The gameplay starts of easily with simple white jigsaw puzzle pieces but progresses to include numbered squares that you can only remove when the counter has turned past one.

Alchemist Lab

Alchemist Lab is a fantastic match three game with a cool alchemists theme. You must complete a range of different levels to unlock new and exciting alchemist spells. On each level, you must match three of the same type of icon together to make them disappear. Simply click on an icon and drag it to a new position to gain three or more of the same icon in a row.

Build a Snowman

Reunite the head and body of the snowman, while avoiding the hot fires. Build a Snowman is a challenging puzzle game built with the HTML5 technology.

2020 Connect

2020 Connect is a mix between Match 3 and 2048! Place at least four blocks with the same number on it next to each other so they get merged. Spend the coins that you earn by merging more than 4 blocks on boosters.

Solitaire Reverse

The reversed version of Solitaire. Have fun!

Match 3: Hidden Treasure Hunt

Match 3: Hidden Treasure Hunt is a smartly designed match 3 puzzle game in which you get to adventure through a lost world whilst completing tricky puzzles. This is a match-three puzzle game meaning that you need to find three of the same items and link them together to remove from the game, which in return gives you points towards your high score.

Christmas Solitaire

Enjoy playing Solitaire with a Christmas theme.

WinterSmash is a mobile-friendly puzzle game in which the player must use physics to help Santa back on his feet, or should we say sleigh. You can always call in the help of his reindeers, although chances are they will get you in an even stickier situation. You can modify their behavior that is best suited for your situation.

Silly Ways to Die 3

In Silly Ways to Die 3 you have to save the construction workers from death! Catch bricks, dodge falling objects, fill holes, and climb ladders to survive.


2248 is an awesome puzzle game in which you must use your logic and maths solving skills to match together a series of numbers in a grid. You must reach the end figure of 2248 - slowly combine tiles together to build up your number and steadily work towards the end figure.

Trollface Quest: USA Adventure 2

The second episode of USA Adventure. Enjoy more trolling scenes with USA theme!

2048 Trump

2048 Trump is a puzzle game that is basically a combination of 2048 gameplay but with political characters from the white house. In this game, you must combine all of the same pictures to unlock new ones that will be added to the game.

Fussy Furries

Fussy Furries is a fun match three game with an awesome cat theme. During this game you must attempt to match three of the same item together to create chains and to improve your score. You must try and match the same pieces together as quickly as possible. As you advanced you can unlock new features and accessories and the levels will become progressively harder.

Cub n Pup

Cub n Pup is a tricky puzzle game in which you need to rotate the grid and find the correct path for the cub to reach the star.

Now Loading

Now Loading is a fun puzzle game in which you have one aim – to make the loading bar proceed so you can start playing the game – confused yet? Each level presents a different challenge and there are numerous different ways to make the bar load so you can continue to the next challenge.


Puzzlink is a puzzle game to join incomplete pieces, a new edition of Links Puzzle.


Dots FRVR is the super fun arcade game in which you need to quickly join up the dots to make them disappear. You will need to join at least three of the same color dots for them to disappear and allow more dots to drop down from the sky. Join massive combos for extra points to help you reach that high score.


Rhomb is a simple puzzle game in which you need to unreel the rhombuses. You need to observe the paths carefully and need to determine which rhombus should be unreeled first to avoid a collisions. The paths become more complex as you progress to the higher levels. If you get stuck, feel free to hit the three dots in the upper screen and use the magnifier to show the correct paths. Can you beat all the levels successfully? Have fun!

Solitaire Klondike

Have a good time to stack all the cards completely in this Solitaire Klondike game.

Higher or Lower Likes?

Can you guess who has more likes on Facebook?

Jigsaw City Trip

Jigsaw City Trip is a fun puzzle game in which you get to complete some interesting and iconic jigsaws. Before you start playing, you can choose the difficulty level – the difficulty level will alter the number of pieces within the jigsaw and the time limit that you have to complete it. Once you have chosen the difficulty level, you can then choose an image for your jigsaw – each image has a different city and famous monument such as the Colosseum in Rome.

Letter Swap

In Letter Swap, you have to choose the alphabet to make the correct words.

Animal Puzzle Wildlife & Logic

Animal Puzzle Wildlife & Logic is an entertaining puzzle game in which you must try and solve a variety of animal-based jigsaw puzzles. Each jigsaw features a different animal image, and you must try and fit the pieces in place within the time limit. The quicker you complete the puzzle, the more stars you earn – you can earn up to a total of three stars.

HD Puzzles: City Puzzles

HD Puzzles: City Puzzles is the online way to complete brainteasing puzzles and this edition is all about iconic cities in stunning high definition! Use the mouse to hover over pieces and click and drag to place them anywhere in the play area.

Lost Without You

Lost Without You is an awesome 3D puzzle game with an interesting and fun back story, great challenging gameplay and cool effects. The story follows Mary and Zoey – these two girls have been trapped underground in a strange dark labyrinth and your mission is to help them reunite and escape from the maze! You must control both characters separately and take into account the different heights that they can jump.

Merge Jewels

Match at least 3 of the identical jewels and try to keep them as low as possible.


Pipe is a puzzle game in which you have to rearrange the pipes' positions to create correct flows from the starting pipes to the boxes. There are tricky positions on the map, and not all of them are usable. Observe the positions carefully to determine the correct path that should be taken. Remember that the starting pipes can be rearranged, but the destination boxes can not. How quick can you solve every level? Test yourself!


Deactivate all the power generators and systems by using the executing backtrace properly.

Count Quickly

Count Quickly is a fast-paced puzzle game in which your mathematics skills will be tested as you must count the highest percentages of items quickly and correctly. In each round, a mixture of colors or different items will be apparent and you have to select the one that there is the most of.

The Reader's Encounter

The Reader's Encounter is a word-arranging puzzle game. In each scenario, you need to arrange the correct word to complete the sentence.

Merge the Numbers

Merge the Numbers is a logic game based on connecting numbers. Merge the numbers and reach the highest score!

Phase 10

Phase 10 is a rummy inspired card game from the makers of Uno. You must complete the phase objectives and empty your hand to move to the next level. Enjoy Phase 10 online!


Twelvesmith is a challenging puzzle game with the goal of reaching 12. You need to move the tiles and combine them to get higher and higher numbers, until you reach 12. Have fun!


ColorGama is a challenging puzzle game in which you must identify the correct colored square – this might seem easy but it is quite difficult and you must concentrate a great deal. You only have a certain time limit to complete each puzzle and if you guess incorrectly the time decreases at a quicker rate. The challenges start off relatively easy but become progressively harder and more complex.

Tasty Tale

Tasty Tale is a game in which you have to gather all the required ingredients via a match-3 style puzzle game. Your customers are lining up and you must serve them delicious cake. Match 3 or more identical ingredients to collect them. Pay attention to the moves limit on each level and complete the task before the limit runs out. Do combos to score more points!


Skydom is a fun and beautiful match-3 game. In this game, you have a more classical map progression while keeping some other unique features from Match Arena.

8 Gears

Align the gears to let the electricity flow from the generator to the hub in 8 Gears, a new HTML5 puzzle game.

Journey Fox

You need to help the fox to complete the puzzle challenge in each level. Grab all crystals and the key to unlock the doors.

Cookie Crush 2

Cookie Crush 2 is the delicious puzzle game in which you must make combinations of treats to collect cookies. This is the second installment of the super fun cookie crush game. It is back and bigger than ever as you play your way through the amazing cookie journey. Complete levels by matching three or more of the same treats to crush them off of the game area.

Daily Classic Mahjong

Daily Classic Mahjong is a great mahjong game. Click on pairs of stones with the same symbols to remove them. You can only remove stones that are not blocked by others. Remove all the blocks from the board before the time runs out!

Hippo Pizza Chef

Help the hippo chef to put the pizza pieces as requested.

Destroy the Eggs

Destroy the Eggs is a fun puzzle game in which you need to destroy all of the eggs in each level by hitting into them with a purple square character. The square starts at the top of the game resting on a pile of boxes. The eggs are spread between the boxes and you must find a way of making the square fall on top of all of the eggs to complete the level.

A Grim Chase

A Grim Chase is a puzzle-platformer game. Chase down the zombie thieves who have stolen your scythe and kidnapped Mr. Bunny.


A-B-Zombie is a fun puzzle game with a twist. You are a sheep named Iwan who is making the very last stand against the apocalypse of zombies taking over the earth. You are the Earth's one and only hope, and you must hold off the zombies using your word puzzle solving skills! I know, who would have thought!

Fill Line

Fill Line is a cool puzzle game with a simple premise – you must attempt to fill all the empty space with color. You must plan your moves carefully and think about how you fill the lines. Simply use the left click mouse button to drag and click to fill.

Solitaire FRVR

Solitaire FRVR is a great HTML5 solitaire game developed by Chris Benjaminsen. Check out his blog to read more about this project.

Merge 10

Play Merge 10 for free on Crazy Games. It is one of our best Puzzle games!

Trollface Quest: USA Adventure

Try to complete all the trolling levels with the USA theme!

Poker with Friends

Play online Texas Hold 'Em Poker with your friends! This is one of the many games on CrazyGames that you can play with your friends.

Heart Box

Heart Box is a fun physics based puzzle game that takes inspiration from the hugely popular Cut the Rope title. In this title you must destroy objects and make use of physics to move the black box into the red container at the end of each level. Look at how the different objects, platforms and obstacles are positioned and consider how destroying one could affect the path of the box.

Mahjong Dark Dimensions

Mahjong Dark Dimension - the 3D puzzle game! Mahjong Dark Dimensions is a 3D Mahjong game. The goal of the game is to remove all tiles. Click two tiles to match them. You cannot click tiles that are blocked by other tiles on their left and right sides.

Catch the Dot

Catch the Dot is an interesting and unique puzzle game in which you must catch the blue dot by cornering it with your own yellow dots. When you place an orange dot, the blue dot moves – you must encircle the blue dot so it can’t escape the playing field. Once you have encircled it, you must close in on it and create a complete circle of six orange dots around it so it is trapped and can’t move – when you achieve this you have won!


Mahjong is the challenging puzzle game that is created from the traditional Chinese game that have been around for multiple years. This game allows you to play the game in its best form – the original. Jump straight into a game and get playing instantly.

Aliens in Chain

Aliens in Chains is a casual puzzle game with over 700 levels in which you cut chains and throw combos to score points. Progress through missions and stop aliens from getting away with it.

Supercars Puzzle

Supercars Puzzle is the online puzzle game in where you can complete puzzles with awesome super cars on the images. Each puzzle requires you to complete the level within the time given otherwise you will have to start again. Make sure to act quickly otherwise you will quickly find yourself running out of time.

Shape and Hue

Shape and Hue is a relaxing jigsaw puzzle game. Swap tiles, match them by hues or lines, and reveal hidden shapes.

Needle Elimination

Needle Elimination is a casual puzzle game in which you need to get scores by concatenating three identical cute beads.

Pyramid Dominoes

In Pyramid Dominoes, you have to match the tiles in pairs so that they have a total of 12.

Puzzle World

Puzzle World is the ultimate collection of puzzle games in which you can play whatever takes your fancy. There are many different types of puzzles to keep you entertained for hours. You have the opportunity to play five different puzzle games to enjoy: Sudoku, Connect, Escape, Number Link, and Plumber.

Beautiful Mind Games

Beautiful Mind Games is a collection of original logic games and brain teasers for all ages. The game has several challenging logic games and brainteasers, and more games will be added in the future.

Cheat Death

Cheat Death is a brain-teasing game in which you need to correctly place all the blocks so that the man can drink the immortality elixir!

11x11 Bloxx

11x11 Bloxx is a fantastic game for puzzle fanatics. This game has similarities to the iconic Tetris game but instead of the pieces falling to the bottom, you simply have to try and keep the 11x11 grid clear and remove as many full lines of blocks as possible. Drag the different shapes into position and try to complete full rows - as you complete a row, it will disappear and you gain points.


Just like its sequels Wheely 7 ... Wheely 4, Wheely 3 and Wheely 2, Wheely is a car driving game in which you help a cute red (or other color) car on his quest!

Jigsaw Puzzle: Beauty Views

Jigsaw Puzzle: Beauty Views is the online way to complete brainteasing puzzles and this edition is all about beautiful landscapes and stunning views! Use the mouse to hover over pieces and click and drag to place them anywhere in the play area.

Find Cat 2

Our cute cat is coming back! In Find Cat 2, our cat goes to the park and go shopping with its owner, but it likes to play hide and seek with the owner. Can you find the cat? This time you can also merge items!

Neon Ball

Neon Ball is an awesome and challenging puzzle game with a simple objective - you must rotate the neon platforms to move the ball into the neon sphere at the edge of each level. The ball moves as you tilt the platform and you must consider the angle of the platform and the speed of the ball to ensure that you don't move too far and cause the ball to fly away.

Flow Mania

Flow Mania is an epic and challenging puzzle game in which you must attempt to connect all of the colored dots on each level. This might sound easy, but you have to think hard about the way that you move the colored dots and connect them together as there is only one correct path for each level.

Mahjong Real

Mahjong Real is the fun puzzle game based on the traditional Chinese game that family's have loved for centuries. This game allows you to play the traditional puzzle game online and in a way that you will love. Just begin by choosing your stack preference and begin the game.

New York City Plumber

New York City Plumber is the tricky plumber game in which you need to use your mental resolve to create plumbing lines for the water to flow. New York's plumbing system has been totally messed up! The city needs you to use your quick thinking and puzzle solving skills to create routes for the water to flow to its destination.

Super Robo Fighter 2

Assemble the robot to its full version in Super Robo Fighter 2. Have fun with this robot puzzle game!


Naklejka is a puzzle game with a goal to recreate the symbols correctly.

Ultimo Games 2019 Gifts

Ultimo Games 2019 Gifts is a fantastic collection of smaller puzzle games. You are presented with the main window which contains a plethora of separate windows – each window contains a different puzzle game.

Click Snowball Fight

Click Snowball Fight is a unique match three game that combines match three elements together with aspects of tower defence. Your castle is under siege by an army of angry penguins and you must work hard to defend your empire and thwart their attack!

Rope Help

Help all stickmen to safely go to their destinations. Control the rope, overcome the obstacles, and complete the challenges.

Color Trouble

Color Trouble is a challenging puzzle game in which you need to move the RGB sliders to match the required colors.

Adam and Eve 7

Another prehistoric age for Adam to beat! Can you help him this time?

Snail Bob 8

Snail Bob 8 is a point-and-click platform game in which a snail named Bob needs to complete various levels. In this episode of the series, the snail would love to catch some fish or a beautiful mermaid, but he was abducted and deserted in a mysterious island full of dangerous challenges. Can you complete all 30 levels in Snail Bob 8, the Island Story?

Gold Train FRVR

Gold Train FRVR is the train puzzle game in which you are a rail road manager in charge of designing track for trains to reach their destination successfully. You will have a set number of pieces of track to lay in which ever order you choose however there will be a specific number of each type.

Move Here Move There

Move Here Move There is a difficult puzzle game in which you must try to create a clear path from the blue square to the green square. Each square that you move has a number on the surface of it; this number represents the number of times it can be moved. This means that you must try to calculate where you move the squares to make sure that land up in the correct location.

Monkey GO Happy: Stage 163

Monkey Go Happy Stage 163 is another exciting adventure in the popular Monkey Go Happy Series. This short but enjoyable episode takes place inside a strange blue temple ruin. You must help our sad and adorable little monkey find his way through the temple and try to uncover a series of clues to escape!