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Beauty games - Friv Crazy Games

Miruna’s Adventure: Vet

Miruna wants to be a vet. Help her realize her dream by taking care of the animals in need.

Coachella Party Van

Get ready to attend the Coachella party and show your best style!

My Perfect Wedding

Get ready for the wedding and prepare the best outfits and peripherals.

Baby Hazel Flower Girl

Baby Hazel is going to be Aunt Lisa's flower girl! Help her prepare everything and have the best look at the beautiful day.

Blondes Do It Better

Choose the best makeups and outfits and make the girls look fabulous.

Anna & Elsa Makeover

Take on the role of a royal stylist and make Queen Elsa and Princess Anna beautiful. They need your help because they are celebrating something big tonight. Start with the face since they definitely need a nice facial. Apply soothing face moisturizers and wash their face. Oh, don't forget to treat the pimples and trim the eyebrows to complete the face treatments. Lastly, choose the best hairstyle and dress for them to wear. Today is the day, make sure their looks are perfect. Have fun with Anna & Elsa Makeover!

Winter Sisters Fashion Trends

Show your best winter fashion style in this game.

Disney Outfit Coloring

Disney Outfit Coloring is a fun game for painting and fashion. You get to bring out your creative side and fashion skills by painting our Disney princess dresses in a variety of different colors and styles! There are several of your favorite princesses featured including Elsa from Frozen!

Baby Dolls Winter Disco

Dress-up your favorite LOL Surprise dolls.

Funny Rescue Zookeeper

Amia had a bad day today at the zoo. As a zookeeper, Amia is responsible for taking care of all the animals there. Only today, things did not go as they should and Amia had a quite serious accident. Let's treat Amia so that she can return to take care of her beloved animals.

Ellie and Ben Date Night

Ellie and Ben have a date. Help both of them to prepare for the romantic night.

Princesses Emergency Room

The princesses are not feeling well. Hurry to help the princesses to make them feel better again.

Katie's Wedding Day

Katie is getting married! As her best friend, you must help her to prepare. Make her the most beautiful bride in the world! There are 3 sections that you need to help her with: bridal makeup, wedding dress, and accessories / manicure. Make the right choices in each and let Katie shine! Have fun!

Summer Braided Hairstyles

Try different braided hairstyles and prepare for the hot summer days.

Travelling Guide: Eliza

Eliza is having fun by travelling around the world on her own! Help her choose the best outfit to match the style in each visited city.

Hazel and Mom's Recipes: Pot Au Feu

Help mom and Baby Hazel to cook the delicious French beef stew, Pot-au-feu.

Funny Rescue Gardener

Samantha is a great gardener, but today she got an accident. Hurry rescue Samantha and help her to recover.

Ellie: Life in Luxury

Follow Ellie's celebrity life and get to know her beauty secret!

Hair Do Design 2

Treat the hair and style it perfectly!

Disney Girls Moto Mania

Disney Girls Moto Mania is a fun beauty game in which you need to help our beautiful Disney princesses transform into awesome biker girls. To start the game, you can set the mood by picking a song to have as a soundtrack while choosing their outfits and styling them as biker chicks.

Baby Hazel Halloween Castle

To celebrate Halloween, Baby Hazel and her classmates are visiting a Halloween castle. What mysteries and surprises can you find in it?

Back To School: Locker Essentials

It is time to go back to school. Prepare your stuff and organize your locker neatly.

Funny Ear Surgery

After Funny Throat Surgery, now you must help our another cute patient with her ear problems.

Princess Prom Photoshoot

Princess Prom Photoshoot is a fun dress-up and fashion game in which you can test out your makeover skills! Our stunning girl wants to attend her prom but she wants to look beautiful and have some fantastic makeup and hair styling. You must use your expert makeover skills to give her a superb look and make her stand out from the crowds and other people attending the prom!

Disney Beauty Pageant

Disney Beauty Pageant is a cool fashion game in which you can dress up your favorite Disney Princess stars so that they can compete in a beauty pageant! The graphics are awesome and you can play with over 5 different princesses.

Lady Popular

Lady Popular is a fun game of fashion. This game allows you to fully customize your character and edit various aspects of their outfit and appearance such as clothes, hairstyle and makeup. Furthermore you can visit the mall and purchase new accessories and clothes, and even a tattoo! As you purchase items from the mall you gain fashion points. You can use these fashion points to improve your popularity and social status.

Ariel and Elsa Instagram Famous

Ariel and Elsa Instagram Famous is a beauty game in which you must help Disney princesses Ariel and Elsa become Instagram famous. To be successful in Instagram you need to take the best pictures and look absolutely flawless at all times. Get the girls ready by doing their makeup and covering up any blemishes.

Princesses: Get Ready with Me!

Help our princesses gain more fame by helping their subscribers to know their usual make-up and fashion style.

The Celebrity Way of Life

Dress-up like a celebrity and show your best fashion style.

Year Round Fashionista: Merida

Year Round Fashionista: Merida is a fun and exciting dress-up game in which you can show off your creative side and fashion skills. Your favourite Disney princess Merida requires your help - she must choose the perfect outfit for each month of the year and it is up to you to guide her and select the most awesome outfits you can think of.

Princesses Space Explorers

Our beautiful Disney's princesses are traveling through outer space. Help them get the stylish outfits to wear!

Year Round Fashionista: Elsa

Year Round Fashionista: Elsa is an awesome and cool dress-up game in which you can help choose a variety of outfits for your favorite Disney Frozen princess Elsa! Elsa is not content with only one outfit. She wants to pick her favorite outfit for each month of the year! It is your task to help her pick 12 different outfits together with a matching hairstyle, makeup and accessories.

Multiverse Goldie

Multiverse Goldie is a fun game involving your favorite Disney character Rapunzel! Rapunzel can explore many different universes, and she must have a different outfit for each one.

Belle City Girl

Belle City Girl is a fun dress up game. You take control of Belle who is a beautiful young girl that is bored with her ordinary life. To change this, she moves to New York City to start a new life and become successful and popular!

Witch Nose Doctor

Witch Nose Doctor is a beauty game in which you are a beauty therapist working in a clinic where you must help witches fix their noses. A cute witch has come into the surgery and struggling to breathe, use your expertise to fix her nose and help her breathe again.

Selena Gomez: OOTD

Selena Gomez: OOTD is a fun dress up and fashion game with similarities to Taylor Swift before and after and Ariana Grande colors of the year. In this title, you must help the popular celebrity Selena Gomez cope with her extremely busy week. She has a range of different events to attend and she must look absolutely stunning for each one. You must become her stylist and help choose her outfits and makeup for each one!

Pink Nail Salon

Pink Nail Salon allows you to try out a range of amazing nail styles and get a full manicure to spruce up your fingers! You decide to visit the nail salon and treat yourself to a mini makeover. You can choose various different aspects of your nails including the length, style, shape, color and design. Do you choose short nails? Or maybe you prefer them long and rounded? The choice is yours!

My Zodiac Makeup

My Zodiac Makeup is a fun and exciting dress up game in which you must apply makeup to different girls based on their Zodiac sign! Each girl has a different style based on her sign such as Capricorn, Virgo and Gemini. To choose which girl you dress up, you must choose a lucky gem stone for each day of the week - each stone represents a different quality of a zodiac such as balance, friendship and innocence.

Disney Princesses Makeover Salon

Disney Princesses Makeover Salon is a hair and beauty game in which the beautiful Disney princesses are having a bad day. They have got all mucky, and their hair is a mess, they need your expert help to make them look stunning once again. Freshen them up and change their appearance so that they spirit are lifted, and they feel good about themselves.

Kylie vs Kendall Oscars

The Jenner sisters are attending the prestigious Oscars award. Help them to get ready and look fabulous!

Monster Hospital

You are a doctor, but you do not treat humans… your patients are monsters! You must cure them of various ailments such as broken teeth and infected organs. You can choose which sickness you cure first, and you cure your patients by completing various mini-games.

Bonnie in Riverdale

Bonnie in Riverdale is a dress up game set in Riverdale high school in which you need to help Bonnie get ready for her first day of school. Riverdale high school has opened up its doors and decided to take on a load of new foreign exchange students, and Bonnie is one of them.

Barbie (Ellie) Get Ready with Me

Barbie (Ellie) Get Ready with Me is a beauty game in which you will help Barbie go through her daily beauty routine which keeps her looks stunning. If you have ever wanted to know how Barbie has a crystal clear skin and radiant beauty then take note, this game will show you step by step how to perform her beauty routine.

Stray Dog Care

Stray Dog Care is the beauty game but this time your patient is a poor abandoned puppy that needs your help. The puppy has been all lone for a long time and is mucky and covered iin dirt. Its hair is overgrown and it's in need of a haircut and good wash.

Lucy Hale Round the Clock Fashionista

Lucy Hale Round the Clock Fashionista is a fun and exciting dress up game in which you can help the glamorous actress Lucy Hale pick out a variety of different outfits for special occasions as the travels the world. She is attending a range of celebrity events and you must help her look stunning to impress the crowds and the tabloids!

Princess Mermaid Parade

Princess Mermaid Parade is the beautiful fashion game in which you need to help Disney princess mermaids look their very best by creating a selection of stunning outfits. It is time to put your fashion skills to the test again in another themed fashion game as you create that killer look for the mermaid princesses.

Ariana Grande World Tour

If you love Ariana Grande then you are sure to love Ariana Grande World Tour! The famous pop sensation is traveling to New York, Mexico City, Paris and Tokyo to perform her world tour! It is your job to help Ariana prepare for her shows and choose the perfect outfit combinations. You must choose an outfit for each different location including her top, jacket, bottoms, shoes and accessories.

Just Married! Home Deco

Help the newlywed couple to decorate their house.

My Lost Puppy: Little Adventure

My Lost Puppy: Little Adventure is a fun and challenging puzzle game. Your beautiful and adorable puppy has gone missing and he is causing mayhem at the Witches potion store! Due to the damage and unrest your puppy has caused, you must help the witch craft her potions and work in her store!

Frozen Elsa Snapchat Challenge

Anna is going to help Elsa to choose the beautiful outfits she sends via Snapchat. You have to memorize each picture for a limited time and choose the same outfits. You start with a simple dress, then more complex outfits as you progress. Can you make her happy without choosing the wrong outfits? Have fun playing Frozen Elsa Snapchat Challenge!

Kuu Kuu Harajuku: DIY Kawaii Stickers

Kuu Kuu Harajuku: DIY Kawaii Stickers is a cool game in which you can unleash your creativity with a range of awesome colorful stickers. The theme is based on the fantastic children’s TV series. There are loads of different stickers to use and you can have fun to decorate different rooms from the series.

Pixies and Magical Tales

Your favorite characters are now in a fantasy world. Help them realize their dream and try the new magical style.

Big City Life: Rapunzel

Big City Life: Rapunzel is a dress game in which you must help the Disney princess Rapunzel look beautiful in the big city. Being a busy city girl means that there are many different occasions that she needs outfits for. Help her go out and buy a new selection of different unique outfits that suit every single occasion.

Disney AquaPark Adventure

Our beautiful Disney's princesses are going to a water park! They need to dress properly and look great.

Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol

Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol is the wonderful Christmas edition of this amazing baking and restaurant management series. It is Christmas time and Emily must keep her fathers restaurant running smoothly and keep customers coming in from the cold snow outside! As customers enter the restaurant, you must take their orders, find them a seat and keep them happy.

Villain and Celebrity BFFs

Villain and Celebrity BFFs is the beauty game in which two unlikely paths cross as celebrities and villains become best friends forever. You begin the game by selecting your favorite villain from the selection presented to you, you then proceed by choosing their favorite things and personality traits.

Barbie Beauty Bath

Barbie is going to have beauty treatments for her special night! You start with a relaxing spa bath to apply various face treatments, then you will apply beautiful makeup, and finally you will help her to choose the most beautiful outfit. Dress up Barbie and let her shine. Have fun with Barbie Beauty Bath!

Year Round Fashionista: Belle

Year Round Fashionista: Belle is the beautiful fashion game in which you need to help Disney princess belle from beauty and the beast look her very best by creating her a stunning outfit. It is time to put your fashion skills to the test again in another year-round fashion game as you create that killer look for belle.

Hazel and Mom's Recipes: New Year Cake

Happy new year from Baby Hazel and her mom. Help them to make a delicious confetti cake to celebrate 2020!

Burning Man Hairstyles

Burning Man Hairstyles Burning Man Hairstyles is the awesome hair salon game in which you at burning man hairstyles can create jaw dropping haircuts to make your clients look beautiful. Use your years of training as an expert hair dresser to create awesome looks for clients of all different looks.

Kendall Beauty Salon

Kendall Beauty Salon is a fun dress-up game in which you must help the super celebrity Kendall Jenner dress up for hew awesome party tonight! Kendall must stand out from the crowd and wow everyone with her beauty and fashion so it’s up to you to style her makeup and pick her outfit!

Rapunzel Medieval Wedding

Rapunzel Medieval Wedding is a superb dress up game involving your favorite Disney Princesses! In this game, Rapunzel is getting married, and you must help her prepare for her big day!

Frozen Sisters Vacation Vibes

Frozen Sisters Vacations Vibes is a fun dress up game featuring your favourite Disney Frozen characters Anna and Elsa! The two sisters have decided to go on vacation to escape from the cold weather for once! It is your job to help Anna and Elsa choose clothes for their vacation and help them prepare. You must style their hair, apply their makeup and pick out a variety of outfits for the different locations they will visit.

Celebrity BFFs Festival Fun

It is once again time for the superb and lively Coachella music festival! The celebrities are preparing for this epic event, and you must help them look beautiful and stylish!

Sprinkle Doughnuts - Sweet Series

Help our princesses to look sweet and cute in this dress-up game.

Baby Hazel Playdate

Baby Hazel and Baby Jake are going for a playdate. Take care of both cute babies and make them happy.

Yearly Fashionistas Rundown

Yearly Fashionistas Rundown is an awesome dress up game. If you love fashion, you will go crazy for this glamorous new game called Yearly Fashionistas Rundown. The stage is calling and the girls want to impress with their best outfits, makeup, and hairstyles. You must use your imagination and help them have an amazing time by choosing their outfits and accessories.

Bonnie and Friends Bollywood

Help Bonnie and her 2 best friends to wear stunning Bollywood-themed clothing.

Land vs Sea: Elsa vs Moana

Land vs Sea: Elsa vs Moana is a fantastic fashion game featuring your favourite Disney Princess stars Elsa and Moana. Each princess is showing off their awesome fashion style and you must help them both realize their true fashion potential.

Open Restaurant

Open Restaurant is a fast-paced restaurant management game. Just as in most of our many restaurant games, you need to seat the customers, take their orders, deliver their food, collect the bill, and clean the table. Do all of these actions quickly and efficiently to reach the daily target income to go to the next day. How many days can you manage?

Belle First Day On School

Belle is starting a new school term and must be prepared! Studying and learning are important but Belle must also look the part. It is your task to get Belle ready for school and help her choose an outfit, apply makeup and style her hair. Using the mouse you can select different items to apply such as blusher, mascara, and lipstick.

Year Round Fashionista: Barbie

Year Round Fashionista: Barbie is the online dress up game in which you must create outfits; just like real life for Barbie! She needs your help to create a unique, stunning style for her to rock the run way in. You have a large wardrobe to choose from so mix and match parts of her outfit and choose what you think makes her look beautiful.

Princess Band Tees

Princess Band Tees is a dress game where four of your favorite Disney princesses have formed together to form an awesome rock band. They need your fashionista skills to help them create an iconic look for each of the members wear. They will be performing in front of thousands of people every night, make sure they look stunning!

Rocking World Tour Fashion

Help Harley convince her friends to join her band by dressing-up in rock-music fashion style.

Halloween Fashionista

Get ready for Halloween with your most amazing costume and makeup.

My New Puppy

Adopt and name a dog and a puppy and care for them well by playing with them, feeding them, and grooming them. In My New Puppy, a Dog with a Blog game, you can see them grow and become very happy dogs!

E-Girls Transformation

Help the girls to get a makeover to be ready for the showbiz industry.

Moana Mall Mania

Moana Mall Mania is a dress game with style in which you need to help moana choose some outfits to freshen up her wardrobe. Moana has headed out to the mall on a shopping trip to buy new clothes to update her look and give some outfit choices that will make her look stunning.

Disney Princesses New Year Collection

The princesses are getting ready for the New Year. Disney Princesses New Year Collection is a dress-up game in which you need to help them to select awesome outfits and welcome the new year in style!

Urban Safari Fashion

Choose your best urban safari fashion style for this cold winter.

Princess Wedding Drama

The princess is getting married. But, you should get ready for a drama!

Funny Nose Surgery

Mia has always had a snotty nose. But now it has been gone too far, and she needs to clean it. Help fix her nose problems, maybe with some surgery. You can also put stickers on her nose after that!

Baby Hazel Kitchen Time

Baby Hazel Kitchen Time is a fun and exciting cooking game. In this game, you help baby Hazel in the kitchen as she becomes a chef and attempts to cook a range of tasty dishes!

Bonnie Christmas Parties

Bonnie wants to celebrate Christmas in more style this year! Help her to choose the best outfits and make her look gorgeous.

Doner Kebab

Manage your doner kebab restaurant and serve orders based on customers' requests.

Retro Arcade Days

Get ready for some classic arcade games! Dressed-up properly to set the mood and have some fun.

Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover is a beauty game in which you need to help the beautiful woman get over her blemishes and faults through a deep facial make over. You need to star by applying creams and serums to her spots to help them disappear. You can then apply a face mask and scrub to bring the glow back to her face.

Hiking in Style

Elsa and her best friend want to go hiking. Help them to dress properly while still stay in style!

Country Girl, City Girl

Help the country girls to look amazing to prepare for city life!

Baby Hazel Fancy Dress

Baby Hazel is participating in a fun animal fancy dress competition. Help her to get the best and loveliest costumes!